Pine trees and palmetto shrubs predominantly made the woodlands where the city of Homestead now stands. With the extension of the railway line by Henry Flagler up to Miami Dade County, more and more settlers came in and contributed to the land’s growth and development. Years later the place witnessed a transformation from wilderness to a beautiful city that it is at present. The essence of the city of Homestead lies in its countryside appeal in combination with its urban spirit that drew people towards it from the time of its origin. Soon it found its place as one of the best in the map of the County.

Shedding its farm town image

Homestead always had this small town charm that traces its roots to its original agricultural community. As the place got inhabited by the northerners to escape harsh winters, the place started experiencing change. However, the summers being extremely hot didn’t help much for the place as the crème of the society kept them away because of this. With the arrival of air conditioners things improved for the place as summers became tolerable. The region now attracted settlers to enjoy a pleasant weather all the year round with comfortable summers. It is amazing to see how air conditioners transformed a non glamorous rustic town to a hub for the privileged class of the society. The city soon became popular for being a backdrop for natural beauty and modernization.

Why should you care for your air conditioners?

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What we do?

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